Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The snow and the ice

Well, we are being hit by a huge storm . Are you? It's crazy, tons of snow and ice to come. We will certainly be trapped in the house for a while. We are stocked up on safe food, water, batteries, etc. My hope is that the power stays on because I know that it will get cold fast and we are stuck here. The roads are awful.
Of course the kids think it's great. I keep reminding them that the days will need to be made up.
How is the weather by you? What precautions do you take in extreme weather?
Stay safe everyone!


  1. We are city folks so if we had to we could walks to the store less than 1/2 mile away. We made sure I have stuff like soy milk for the dairy allergic kid. Luckily my kids school is a cyber school in a brick and mortar school. Snow days are homeschool days so let it snow! We have nothing to make up!

  2. I wish we had the cyber option.....ugh