Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I do this to myself

It happens every time. Every.Single.Time. Every time I think to myself "We are doing ok, we've got this", something happens.
It doesn't have to be a life threatening emergency (thank goodness) but every time I think it will be ok, something happens.
When will I learn? I need to turn my brain off and not even think for a second that all is good. When I think we are good the allergies hit the fan so to speak.
When will I learn that unless someone lives like we do, they just do not get it. When will those that don't live like this understand that they can not leave our kids out? Will they ever learn?
I'm beginning to think that they won't.
Can someone out there explain to me why every single activity has to include food? I do not have any answers today...........


  1. I so feel your pain. I'm not normally a confrontational type, but man, when it comes to including every child (even those with food allergies!)...momma bear comes out. One recent instance was at a team practice. Every child and parent...and the coach...knows about our son's multiple food allergies. The severity. The consequences of risks. The team STILL went ahead and ordered sub sandwiches, minus our son since they weren't safe for him. I was livid but the damage was done. I had planned to pick him up before the delivery. It didn't work out, the subs arrived early. So on top of the exclusion, I had major momma guilt (and momma bear feelings!). I spoke with the coach about avoiding this scenario by at least bringing our son something else, even a non food item like a bowling coupon, tiny gift card (each child likely received about $5 in food/drink), etc. I'm often worn out dealing with the lame thoughtlessly planned activities via school or church. It truly exhausts me constantly trying to stay ahead of others' ignorance curves.

  2. Oh that's awful.
    Yeah, the situation just got worse here. I was told she could go to another classroom if we feel she shouldn't participate in the activity. I need to learn to meditate.